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ZEOS For Men - Waxing Starter Pack


When I was approached by ZEOS to review their waxing starter pack, I was somewhat apprehensive  or someways to be a stereotypical response. I first came across the brand when looking to help moisturise my face after swimming. Knowing that I had two training camps in the Canary Islands coming up, chest and torso hair was just not going to do, so I gave it ago! 
Training camps in a warm climate, both a week long, was going to be the perfect test for the warm waxing kit. On camp I can be training up to 5-6 hours a day, being constantly hot, sweaty; toughing out the testing hills under the mid day sun - These camps are beyond easy!
So on the first camp I used my typical method of shaving a couple of days prior to leaving then. About five days in to the camp regrowth was visible for sure; itchiness and irritation of regrowth was beyond noticeable as red spots appeared under my sportswear - it was beyond uncomfortable once the temperature was really ramping up towards the high 20’s - This was a typical response to shaving, for me.
Right, Now on to the second camp. Following a 24 hrs skin test assuring no reactions, I braved it just 7 days out from flying to camp. If I’m honest guys its really not that bad, as long as you follow the detailed tips and instructions in the pack, its so easy and last far longer. In the heat of the camp there was no irritation like on the previous camp. Additionally when regrowth started to appear it was far from prickly. For myself regrowth didn’t appear until four and a half weeks, so around a month - I thought this was pretty reasonable. 
Overall, I would say this is a great starter pack with fantastic value for money. I would recommend it over shaving and for general use as well as a sports used. Although the product, in my opinion is great, I feel the design of the packaging could be a little more refreshing; more like the revitalising feeling following the use of the waxing starter pack.  
Value for money - 10/10
Quality of Product - 9/10 
Performance - 9/10
If you are interested in the product talked about in this review please find more Informaion here 
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