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Winter and 2016 Pre-Season Update

In my last blog, I left you at the end of season, commenting my great deal of progression in swimming and running. Since my last blog over the course of the winter off season it has been a great challenge in many ways. Over past months it really has been the little things I have had to work on Technique and Injury prevention.  


This winter I have been lucky enough to go on two training camps to the Canary Islands. One in December 2015 and the other February 2016. Both camps where very different from each other. The first was with a small training from Team Bodyworks with a bike pack of 5 people, the second with over 30 athletes from regional academies all corners of the country (South East, North West and East Midlands). Both camps were equally brilliant - I do love being away from home or the normal life and being able to just focus on your sport, having a great time with fellow athletes and racking up the miles in the sunshine. 


The camp in December was very much based around based miles with lots of long rides, long swim and run sets. In contrast, camp in February was very much season specific with lots of technical open water work, group bike work and generally in sessions actively thinking about ways we can improve ahead of the season. See pictures from both camps below. 


So as I mentioned at the start, this winter I have been focusing on the little things to improve upon. Joining the University of Brighton in September has been brilliant and even more so when I was accepted as Sports Scholar! The Sports Scholarship Programme has given me great access to a strength and conditioning coach on a weekly basis. I have been working with Colin since I started at the university, identifying weakness in order to improve technique and injury prevention over all three disciplines. Strength and conditioning has been something that I have had to learn to love, with Colin's patience and expertise I have made some really good progress. Not only has it enhanced my performance as an athlete but it has been useful to practise what I am learning on my Sport and Exercise Science course in relation to Physiology and Biomechanics. Like wise there is never a dull moment when you have two other sport scholars and triathletes - Chloe and Kieran motivating you to go that extra mile. The addition of strength and conditioning has been vital for allowing me to maintain my work on my swim and run technique.


Generally, I am pretty excited to get back racing again. I have a busy season planned which I will release over the next couple of weeks once it is all confirmed. I am super pleased to be continuing my partnership with Blueseventy for this year, I am really greatful for all their support.  My first race of the year is the National Elite Duathlon Championships in Windsor Park - 3-4th April!


Until next time. 




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