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Welcome readers to what is my second product review! Hopefully the more I post the better they will become. Over the past 3 months I have been trying out the SKINS RY400 Long Sleeve Compression Top.


The SKINS RY400 Long Sleeve compression top is one of the best fitting compression tops out there. From my experience the compression top fits around the contours of my upper body perfectly to give me maximum compression in all areas. The addition of a rubber gripper around the circumference of the waist allows you to carry out tasks around the house or continue to train without compromising your recovery.


In my previous review of the SKINS RY400 Compression Tights, I found that the tights would become quite hot and generate a lot of heat. The top similarly provides a large amount of warmth but the underarm venting panels are perfect for releasing the warmth when needed. The Added warmth of both of these products is great for staying warm at the end of races or training sessions; helping illness prevention as well as recovering from your physical activity. In addition, the slightly thinner layer around the neck to ensure a silky smooth finish just adds to premium quality of the top.


I have found a huge problem with many compression tops is after a few washes the shape and fit of the top is lost. With the RY400 Compression Top I have washed it multiple times a week over the three months and it still feels as good as new.


When testing the SKINS RY400 Compression Top – I used it after my Tuesday morning swim sessions, typically the most physically demanding swim session of the week. I would use it like a base layer, worn under a t-shirt. An hour after my swim session my first college lesson would start. Two solid hours of either badminton or volleyball. Typically my arms and upper body would be aching all over by the end of the two hour practical session. When I started to use the RY400 Compression Top I noticed a difference; I was playing better, feeling brighter and the overall damage to my body was now limited. For the rest of the day I felt more active and certainly less fatigued.




In Conclusion, I believe the SKINS RY400 Long Sleeve Compression Top is a well crafted piece of compression wear. I will certainly continue to use this faultless top and I will thoroughly enjoy the benefits from it. I would recommend the RY400 Long Sleeve Top to Swimmers, Triathletes, Rowers, Gym Goers, those in to cross-fit and of course Track and Field Thrower. I found this product exceptionally useful. If you would like to ask me any questions regarding this review then, please contact me via my contact page.




Performance 5/5

Quality 5/5

Value for Money  5/5


The SKINS RY400 Long Sleeve Recovery Top can be bought from the SKINS website at the Retail Price of £80.00.


Thank you for reading.


 Product was a gift from SKINS



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