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Performance Assessment Weekend


Just a week following the National Duathlon Champs it was time time to see how well I could put together a Swim, Bike, Run. The format for the weekend was a 800m Pool solo time trial  and then the following day we would do a T1 - 20km Bike - T2 - 5km Run like a normal race format handicapped from the previous days swim times. 


I finished my 800m swim in 9.47 placing me 33rd going in to the second day. I was pretty disappointed with my swim. I was looking for closer to 9.30 but hey what was done was done. I had my work cut out on day two. A lot was riding on this weekends performance, it would set me up for a ranking for getting starts in races for the whole season.


The second day came round and it was all or nothing for me, I was lucky to have two other Team Bodyworks athletes within 10 seconds of me following the swim, Luke Howard and Jamie Bedwell. At the start of the bike I was in no mans land, Knowing that Jamie would be chasing from behind his great time trial abilities, meant he was able to join myself and 3 other guys. On lap 3 of 8 we caught up with Luke’s group. For the next two laps, us Team Bodyworks athletes were able to drive the group to a fast pace. As the remaining laps ticked past we picked up for more athletes swelling our group to near 20 athletes.


The transition zone was narrow and a place were you can lose loads of time being positioned behind people. Form about a 1km out from transition I place my self consistently near the front to reduce the risk of getting caught up in anything. I was off my bike cleanly and on to the run. wow that first 800m of the run was a real slog and heavy but from there on I was just getting fast and faster. I was over the moon to finish 16th after my sluggish swim on day one. This was great news for the rest of the season, I was pretty much guaranteed a start in all my races this season. Next for me is BUCS Sprint Triathlon. 

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